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ULP 95 R 21.96/ liter
ULP 93 R 21.63 / liter
Diesel (50ppm) R 23.17 / liter
LPG Gas R 332.90 (9kg)
Paraffin R 22.16 / liter

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Engen Primax Unleaded

Engen PRIMAX Unleaded petrols (ULP) are refined, processed and blended in South Africa for optimum performance under harsh South African conditions, and are available in two grades:

  • 95 Octane for use at altitudes below 1200 meters
  • 93 Octane for use at altitudes above and including 1200 meters
  • .

Engen PRIMAX Unleaded 95 is available at selected Inland retail service stations to enable high performance vehicles to utilise the benefits from a higher-octane petrol.

Engen PRIMAX Unleaded exhibits excellent oxidation stability and is formulated with intelligent additive fuel technology to clean-up and keep fuel systems clean, restore power and reduce exhaust emissions. Engen PRIMAX Unleaded further includes a friction modifier and a unique organic combustion improver to offer further enhanced fuel economy and drivability performance. Engen PRIMAX Unleaded exceeds the latest South African National Standards (SANS 1598) specifications.


Engen PRIMAX Unleaded is suitable for service in all spark ignition internal combustion engines making use of fuel injection (including Gasoline Direct Injection) or carbureted systems in motor vehicles, motorcycles, lawn mowers and outboard motors. Engen PRIMAX Unleaded is recommended for use in late model, high performance engines designed to run on fuels of this type.


  • Quick & easy starting; fast warm up; rapid acceleration, freedom from vapour lock
  • Outstanding anti-knock resistance
  • Cleaner burning resulting in cleaner engines
  • Combustion chamber deposit (CCD) control
  • Excellent intake manifold, carburetor system and fuel injection component cleanliness
  • Maximum engine durability and reliability
  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Outstanding lubricant anti-sludge performance
  • Enhanced power, acceleration and reduced fuel consumption
  • Smoother running engine
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • Direct injection gasoline technology compliant

Physical Characteristics

 Engen PRIMAX UnleadedEngen PRIMAX Unleaded
Research Octane Number (minimum) 93 95
Initial Boiling Point (typical) - °C 34 37
Initial Boiling Point (maximum) - °C 215 215
Colour Yellow Green

Performance Level

SANS 1598:2006

Last Updated October 2012