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ULP 95 R 21.96/ liter
ULP 93 R 21.63 / liter
Diesel (50ppm) R 23.17 / liter
LPG Gas R 332.90 (9kg)
Paraffin R 22.16 / liter

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Engen Dynamic Diesel

Engen Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm is a high quality automotive diesel engine fuel, containing less than 0.005 % sulphur, by mass. These low sulphur levels enable the product to be compatible with emission control devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate traps designed to operate at this low sulphur level. Engen Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm is formulated by using intelligent additive fuel technology that has the potential to maintain all diesel engines at their peak design conditions. It also satisfies the demand for improved fuel economy, extended drain intervals and fuel systems protection. The continuous use improves fuel system and injector cleanliness, which helps to increase equipment life, restore and maintain power and performance while simultaneously reducing exhaust emissions. Engen Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm contains anti-foam components, which reduce the tendency of foaming normally associated with standard diesel, and provides for spill free, cleaner, faster and more efficient refueling, keeping vehicle and equipment working for longer periods.


Engen Dynamic Diesel 50 ppm can be used in all types of medium and high-speed diesel engines such as found in mobile, portable and stationary equipment engines. It is eminently suitable for modern high-speed road diesel engines including modern common rail high speed direct injection technology (HSDI) designed to run on fuels of this type where continuous high performance, power, cleaner combustion and improved economy are required. It is also recommended for underground mining diesel applications where air quality control is critical.


  • High Cetane Number providing smoother combustion
  • Excellent fuel system lubrication
  • Reduced emissions
  • Restore and maintain power and performance
  • Protection against power loss in modern High Speed Direct Injection Engines
  • Potential for improved fuel consumption
  • Reduce fuel injector deposits and nozzle fouling
  • Excellent fuel atomization
  • Improved corrosion protection
  • Improved water tolerance characteristics protecting against fuel/water emulsions
  • Excellent anti-foam performance, resulting in cleaner and faster refueling

Physical Characteristics

Gross Calorific Value @ 20 °C - kJ/l - Typical 37990
Density @ 20 °C - Inland - kg/l - Typical 0.822
Distillation °C - 90% Recovered (Maximum) 362
Flash Point (PMCC) - °C (Minimum) > 55
Cetane Number (Minimum) 45
Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) °C (Maximum)
 - Summer Grade + 3
 - Winter Grade - 4
Sulphur Content - mg/kg (Maximum) < 50
Viscosity @ 40 deg °C (mm2/s) 2.2 / 5.3
Lubricity - WSD 1.4 @ 60 °C (Maximum) 460
Total Contamination Number - mg/kg (Maximum) 24

Last Updated March 2014